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Internet Marketing Tips You Need To Know (Part 7)

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With all the information available over the internet and all the possible venues to connect with your audience via social media, It is important to lay the groundwork for an organized way of managing all your channels. These are very important so pay attention to the details. They can be of great help for your own website and your social media accounts.

Try out Buffer. Buffer is a free and easy to use social media management tool that can provide you with analytics of your accounts’ performance, manage several accounts at once and allows you to invite your whole team to make consistent sharing easier. You can use Buffer on your web browser or via mobile.

You can also integrate major reader apps so everything is within your fingertips.

Create your hootsuite. HootSuite is a social media management system that’s more applicable for businesses and organizations. It manages multiple social profiles in one place for better execution of collaborative messages across multiple social networks. This gives you the ease of multiple signing in and of course remembers your different passwords. This is a paid-service with a limited but free version.

Scan google reader. Google is not only a search tool and a site for checking emails. It has evolved into different varieties catering all the services needed by the subscribers. Google reader lets you keep track on your favourite websites without visiting them one by one. They appear as newsfeeds and it marks the items that you have read so you can easily come back to them later.

If this then that is IFTTT. This one is pronounced like “LIFT” without the L. It introduces channelling to different websites such as Facebook, Twitter and many more. It basically helps automate certain tasks through a series of triggers, under the premise that if a preset event happens, then the automated system should do this.

A simple example would be, IF I post a status update on Facebook, THEN it should be posted on my Twitter. That simple IF-THEN event is called a “Recipe”. With this simple recipe, when you update your Facebook, it automatically updates Twitter with the same update, which saves you time and effort.

Internet Marketing doesn’t need to be a difficult task.

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