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Yes! You Can! – Points to Remember when Editing in Wikipedia

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Points to Remember when Editing in WikipediaIt is a fact that nowadays, one of the most turned to sites when gathering information is Wikipedia. It has become the modern encyclopedia of many where almost any kind of information can be found. What makes Wikipedia unique is that it is an open source of information.  This basically means that any individual can create a Wikipedia page or edit an existing one provided that the individual follows the set guidelines prepared by Wikipedia. For today, we are going to talk about the things that you can and cannot do when editing a Wikipedia page. Knowing the things that you can control and finding out what are Wikipedia’s restrictions when editing a page will definitely help you have a successful edit. You CAN… ✓  Make minor corrections such as grammar and spelling ✓  Paraphrase a poorly written article without changing the main thought and preserving its neutral tone ✓  Improve the format of an existing article ✓  Update or correct existing information such as company’s location, CEO of the company, info graphics and latest acquisition ✓  Add important recent events related to the subject like the successful launch of a new product or the birth of a royal child ✓  Report or flag possible vandalisms ✓  Provide good and reliable references to already existing information especially to pages that do not have enough citations You CANNOT… ✕       Delete existing information on the Wikipedia page on your own but you can request Wikipedia administrators to do so. However, put into mind that requesting a page to be deleted will have to undergo the Wikipedia due process first to find out whether the page does need to get deleted or just needs improvement. ✕        Upload images that do not meet the copyright guidelines of Wikipedia. Actually, you can but then again, it will not take too long before such image gets deleted by the Wikipedia police. ✕       Provide content that does not have any citation because chances are, that entry will be removed in just a matter of time due to lack of good reference.   Up next is a follow up entry that will talk about suggestions that you may want to take into consideration when editing a Wikipedia page. Stay tuned! The Northern Office – Innovative Marketing is a company that provides free consultation and assistance when it comes to Content Marketing, Creation and Distribution for SME’s. If you want to know more about content marketing and other marketing services like the integration of Wikipedia on the SEO needs of a client, do not hesitate to contact us via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at (045) 499-1082. Posted by John Joe Morgan

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