6 Ways to Get the Most Out of LinkedIn

Having recently reached its 50 million user milestone, LinkedIn proved itself as the new social networking site for professionals. Everyone who is in business is already expected to have a profile there.

But with the presence of more interactive sites such as Twitter and Facebook, some professionals are neglecting their LinkedIn profiles. Though not as dynamic as other social media platforms, LinkedIn still proves to be a source of value if used correctly. Below is a 6-point list enumerating ways on how to improve your LinkedIn profile. Follow it and you may double your profile views overnight!


1.       Include Professional Profile Photo

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. But, which words? That depends on what people see. LinkedIn’s profile photo feature is not only helpful in spotting colleagues, but also beneficial in projecting a professional bearing in your LinkedIn resume. Just think about it. Which candidate an employer would prefer? Candidate A with a profile pic doing a head stand or Candidate B showing a good head shot?


2.       Build Network Connections

Although the number of your connections may define your capabilities, it could be possible that the number says something about you. According to statistics, if you have less than 500 connections on LinkedIn, you can be found by approximately 3% of the LinkedIn Community. On the other hand, if you have 500+ connections on LinkedIn, you can be found by approximately 90% of the LinkedIn Community. Building your network dramatically improves your ability to be found on LinkedIn, apart from being seen as a thought leader and player in your industry.


3.       Use Status Updates

LinkedIn is not as interactive as Facebook or Twitter. The only space to keep your connections informed is through the status updates bar. Make use of this communication section and let users learn what you have in mind, things or events you are involved with or in.


4.       Gather Meaningful Recommendations

One of the most loved LinkedIn feature is the recommendations feature.  LinkedIn gives you the chance to get useful recommendations from your connections. It is important to get solid recommendations because the world will see what people say about you. You can get recommendations from a previous client or customer for whom you just did an incredible job or project. Remember to be polite and thank the person who recommended you!


5.       Optimize Your Profile

Although LinkedIn is a good place to search for jobs, it shouldn’t just look like an online version of your resume. Optimizing it by incorporating relevant keywords is important for search engine optimization purposes. Note that your LinkedIn profile should depend on whether you are presently employed and whether or not you are seeking new career opportunities.


6.       Join Groups to Expand Your Reach

In today’s economy, employers are looking for the best possible candidates. Now, it’s more than looking at Facebook statuses, photos, and tweets. The groups you are associated with in LinkedIn can either have a negative and positive impact on you. Choose relevant groups and make smart comments. Start meaningful conversations. Be proactive and share new information on groups to help position yourself as a thought leader.

Following above suggestions can dramatically increase your search engine hits and profile views.

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