Website Hosting for Businesses

Break away from the “good-enough” shared web hosting and move a step ahead of your competition. The Northern Office offers hosting to meet your business web hosting needs.The Northern Office Free Web Marketing Advice

Get the Speed, Performance and Reliability You Need!

secured web hostingWe bring you speed and reliability through our premium hosting as opposed to the "one size fits all" shared hosting services. Our servers are customizable to the last detail and optimized for better search engine optimization. The Northern Office hosting service offers you the opportunity to achieve the freedom and power to achieve the optimal set of computing resources to meet your unique requirements. Our approach to web hosting beats the conventional single server computing paradigm as it gives way to a higher degree of up-time and performance.

Controlled and Secured Web Hosting Solution

Our server security goes up to 3 layers deep - Administrative, Website, and Server-side. Our security system features an anti-malware and anti-hacking capability. We control your hosting so rest assured that your back end information is carefully stored and managed.

Frequent On-site and Off-site Backups

server backupTo ensure that we can recover your data in case of problems, we employ three types of backups: server-based, onsite and offsite. Backups will be scheduled at least twice a week with your peak times and workloads in mind. Our technical team proactively manages your hosting infrastructure to avert problems before they happen. Anyhow, we do realize that problems happen from time to time and when it occurs, our technical support team is ready to assist. We also make sure to advise our clients whenever we detect faults and recommend actions as well.

Why are our speed, security and support better? Because we do things most other hosting companies wouldn’t even consider possible! We developed our own solutions to help protect your website from hacks. We invented new techniques that can make your website run over a hundred times faster. And we have amazing, fast, experienced and helpful individuals working in our support team.

Top Hardware

Latest & best technology used. Databases stored on faster disks.

Multi-Location & CDN

We offer hosting in the US, Europe and SE Asia.  Business account are able to benefit from integrated content delivery network (CDN) with over 20 locations. Bespoke CDN systems are also available for high traffic sites.

3 Layer Cache System

The Northern Office applies a 3-layer caching system to its business hosting.  Static, Dynamic and Memcache

Results are are measured against 5 industry standard testing platforms but most importantly our websites are tested against real life use.  

The Northern Office offers you quality web hosting solution that is scalable, secured and high performing. Call us at (0)45 499 1082 today for a free quote!