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We don’t claim to be experts in your business but we are up there in ours and apply that expertise to help you build your business by harnessing e-volution with your existing marketing plans, activities and collaterals. We offer a ‘no obligation’ consultation service to help you define your objectives and to help us recommend a plan that fits your budget, timescale and resources. Whether you’re a startup, Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) or larger, we can help you.


SEO and SMO - buzzterms for the e-volution but it’s not just about using the right words & phrases but also who says them (originality and authorship) and how (which media platform, when delivered and how accessed). We provide you with the guidance you need to ensure this happens in the optimal fashion and that your site, service or product gets the attention it deserves. We will optimize your content, its presentation and delivery and help drive you upwards.


Having the best message in the world means nothing unless you get that message out to your target audience. Our process ensures that happens in the most cost-effective manner by providing a range of communication options including Business & Social Media (BSM), e-mail & database driven campaigns, telesmarketing (sales, research, customer support). We’re even ‘old hands’ in traditional media and can help you translate your communication strategy into a modern day reality.


And we don’t believe in delivering a product to you and then walking away. We set up a feedback loop whereby we monitor the success of your site or service and provide regular and actionable insight to ensure that you maximize the impact of your investment. We believe that building a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship is crucial to any good business partnership. Contact us today to find out more!

The Northern Office approach to Digital Marketing

At The Northern Office, as a well established and innovative marketing agency, we believe that the only way to address our clients’ needs is to understand their business. We listen closely, work speedily, respond accurately and anticipate issues diligently. We listen so we can understand your company and industry. We work in all forms of digital marketing and cover everything from website design to business social media management to telemarketing for research, sales or customer support to multi-media e-campaigns to promote your business, service, product, brand or organization. We anticipate by providing marketing strategies that ensure you enhance your online presence and reputation.


Some of the many clients that The Northern Office supports in their marketing programmes around the world

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